Of course! Just go to our book now page and register all your guests at once.
Simple. Quality. We have the most realistic environments, the most challenging puzzles, and the most creative storylines. We also have electronic clues, animations, video effects, and lighting effects. Our rooms are actually 4 or 5 rooms in one environment, and you have to travel back and forth to find the puzzles and get out. Ask our competitors anywhere in the Ozarks if they have all this.
Parking is free.
10 to 15 minutes is preferred. If you are late it can be a conflict with the group scheduled behind you, and there is a chance you might need to be rescheduled. We do try to accommodate everyone.
Flashlights are optional, our rooms are themed to be darker. Resealable drinks are welcome, open containers can be held until you exit the environment. 
Not really. The front door you start from is always open, so anyone having issues can leave at any time. A attendant will also always be a call away.
We do not restrict any age from playing, however we find most children under the age of 8 don’t participate as much. 10 and up is recommended.
Yes, but they must be accompanied with an adult (18+).
We don’t really try to “scare you”. However there are animated zombies in our zombie attraction, and many spooky events in the haunted house escape. Please call if you have a concern.
For sure! We have a huge facility here, with much to do. In fact, we can entertain groups of up to 500 people! Local catering and other entertainment is also possible.
Once the game has started there are no refunds. If you do need to cancel, please call.
We charge the industry standard of $25.00 per person. Larger groups can get considerable discounts, please call for pricing.
Yes, many companies have enjoyed escape rooms for corporate team building, holiday events, or just to show your employees how much you appreciate them. We have a lot to offer here for everyone.